The Friends of Highland Road Cemetery



Highland Road Cemetery has been an important burial ground for the people of Portsmouth and Southsea for 150 years. As the area has such a wealth of history and strong military connections, it is not surprising to find a graveyard with so many interesting stories. Amongst those interred are many servicemen and women, including scores of Generals and Admirals as well as 8 holders of the Victoria Cross, as well as associates of Charles Dickens and even Royalty.
Click here for a zoomable map showing the location of the cemetery.

The Friends are happy to try to locate the graves of your friends, family or those of interest. Where possible we can take photographs of the memorial and location shots within the cemetery. There is no charge for this service but a donation to The Friends of Highland Road Cemetery would be much appreciated.
This website has been built as a means of further promoting the cemetery and encouraging interested people to join the Friends. It encompasses the general history of the cemetery as well as specific information about many of the people buried there.
The work of the Friends is supported by Community Internet Services and the Cemeteries Department at Portsmouth City Council.
Please note: the former Adopt-a-Grave scheme has been terminated.